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Kristopher Legits

We want to thank everyone who has supported us this year. It turns out that opening an online store isn’t easy. There’s merch production, buying wholesale, social media (sooo much of it!) and shipping orders. It’s really hard trying to make Mostly Motivational everything we dream it to be. The big 2020 plot twist of COVID-19 made things even harder. We had big dreams and a plan to make them all come true and in a matter of days they were thrown out the window. We have done a lot to adjust my business strategy but at the end of the day it’s just plain hard. 

We started designing shirts for fun and when it reignited our love for graphic design we decided to make it a business. We have tons of ideas that we would love to make into a reality. There are so many summer events we wanted to attend to get our name out there. At the end of it all those things aren’t in the cards right now. However there is a larger mission that we have always held dear to my heart that we can make come true.

One of Mostly Motivational’s missions from the start was to create a large enough platform that we could help other artists get their art into the world. If the world could use anything right now it’s a bit of joy and we wholeheartedly believe that art is the easiest route to sparking joy. 

For all these reasons, instead of producing Mostly Motivational designs we are focused on adding products to the store that are made by local artists and small businesses. This is our attempt, no matter how small, at supporting artists and businesses during unsure times. We look forward to a day where we can make new Mostly Motivational designs AND support artists but right now this is the good that we can put into the world. 

If you see new items on the store we likely purchased them from an artist or company that we love and want to support. Thank you for supporting us and other local artists. So go ahead- bring some joy into your life or send some joy to a friend! We could all use something to lift us up right now. Check out some of our new items below!

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